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First Full Moon of 2023 - Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer, especially being in a Chariot card year, is directly working toward moving us toward the greater good.

First we are being asked to come out of our shell. It’s time to reevaluate outdated beliefs and boundaries that we’ve put in place to protect ourselves. At one time they were useful but now they are holding us back.

It can be scary to open our soft insides to potential damage but we are tougher than we know. We are also invited to check in with boundaries that need to be improved. It’s all about what is serving us and what’s holding us back from living the fullest, happiest, most abundant life.

The Chariot card is #8 in the major arcana of a tarot deck. It is about movement - using sheer will-power & determination to get things done. For many of us, we’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel running as fast as we can. Now, we’re being called to turn inward and really spend nourishing ourselves - filling our time with things that truly fill our cup rather than just fill our time. Remember NO can be a complete sentence.

You may be wondering what is a tarot card year and how do I know which tarot card aligns with which year - using individual digits add them together - the number that it equals corresponds with a tarot card in the major arcana (ex. 2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 8 = Chariot)

Stay tuned for more moon cycle updates throughout the year...

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