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Intuitive Art Readings

Gain a deeper understanding & connection with yourself

through these unique, channeled pieces of art: 

  • reveal hidden parts of yourself

  • remind yourself of your truth

  • find alignment on your own personal journey

  • recognize your own unique intuitive essence

  • uncover authenticity through abstraction     and organic expressions

  • receive guidance 


What is Intuitive Art?
How does it work?

We are all made up of energy. Past, current, and future energies surround us. Your energy field, chakras, and guides hold messages and insight that if interpreted correctly, will aid you in to become the most authentic version of yourself and start vibrating at higher energetic frequencies.

During intuitive art readings I connect directly with the subconscious, energetic field, and guides of my clients to channel messages. I hold space for my client's intention or question, then from a meditative, flow state I create an intuitive art piece.


Energetic Field Portraits

Your energetic field & chakras can be a window into your soul & well-being.


I connect to your current vibrations, past experiences, and future aspirations to create unique art pieces based off of your energy and provide an interpretation of the final piece. 


Channeled Messages

Our guides take many forms ancestors, angels, ascended masters, light beings, rocks, plants, animals, etc., they are messengers there to provide gentle guidance and assistance as we traverse our soul contracts. 

Unless a client has a preference of how the message is channeled - angelic lightweaving, tarot, oracle, etc. - I rely upon intuition to guide me when connecting with their guides. 

In a meditative state, I receive light codes, imagery, colors, and words that then inspire the interpretation and creation of your unique piece of art.

What is included
with the Intuitive Art Reading?

Each piece is a one of a kind, authentic, original artwork and interpreted reading on A4 notecard that unpacks your unique art piece connects directly to your current soul path. Includes beautiful gift wrapping and personalization.

Through my experiences with spirituality, well-being, creativity, meditation, and intuitive work, I have witnessed the many ways spirit chooses to communicate with us.


Sometimes we need more than just words to connect & interpret these messages. The creative act is my tool which allows me to channel the energy and messages I receive then generate a visual interpretation. When we activate our senses in unexpected ways (ex. listening to music, viewing art, taste) it can generate an emotional response. We connect to and find our own symbolism in shapes, colors, textures, smells... that gives us the power to connect with the essence of our most authentic self and trust our intuition.

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