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Exclusive Services

Reconnect your mind, body, & soul.

Release blockages & tension.


Past Offerings

Reiki 1 Training

Learn the history and principles of working with reiki as taught by Usui. Receive hands on experience in addition to Reiki 1 attunement and certificate. 

The length of this training depends on number of attendants and discussion time we have, please plan to be at the Wellness Center 5 - 7 hrs. Please bring a healthy snack to share, main will be provided.

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Artist's Way Group

Join Lauren on Monday evenings to Ignite Your Creative Flame with this 12 week Artist Way Cohort. Meeting Mondays 6-8 pm

August 7 - October 23


We will work through Julia Cameron's chapters together and connect to our creativity on a deeper level. Donations only. This group will meet in person at the Wellness Center with a Virtual option for those outside of Frederick County. Space is very limited for in person with enough room for approx. 10 people

Artist Way.jpg

Chakra Opening Sound Meditation

A sound healing and guided meditation experience to release tension and open chakras. A great way to downshift, find balance, and create flow after a stressful day. Bring a journal along for taking notes on your experience at the end of the session.

Future Dates

Jan 5, 7-8 pm | Thurs

Feb 2, 7-8pm | Thurs

March 2, 7-8 pm | Thurs

April 4, 7-8 pm | Tues

May 4, 7-8 pm | Thurs

Sound Med.jpg

Art Escape

Creative Mindfulness Experience to release tension, clear blockages, and ground to deepen your connection to intuition, body, and self-expression. Experience meditation and gentle movements, a little on the funky side. Perfect for the person who has a hard time sitting in one place and not moving for a length of time.

Future Dates

Jan 19, 7-8 pm | Thurs

Feb 23, 7-8 pm | Thurs

March 16, 7-8 pm | Thurs

April 13, 7-8 pm | Thurs

May 18, 7-8 pm | Thurs

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Let's Work Together

Contact Lauren about facilitating a class or

workshop at your location...

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