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Upcoming Workshops

Lauren is thrilled to offer a range of upcoming workshops designed to explore creativity and integrative wellness. These events will include art techniques, creative mindfulness practices, wellness sessions and eco-spiritual deep dives to rewild your life.

Lauren's workshops are designed to inspire, uplift, and help you access your inner creativity and wisdom.

Craft Club

1st Sundays | 1 - 3 pm | $40

Join Lauren G. Koch for a fun & creative afternoon full of art and community 

Barnstone Studios

Thurmont, MD

Craft Club (1).jpg

Soul Portrait Painting Workshop

August 24 | 1 - 4 pm | $65

Join Lauren G. Koch for a meditative afternoon of intuitive painting & connecting to the language of your soul.

Reiki by Rickie Learning Space

Harrisburg, PA


Artist's Book: A Vessel for Word
and Form

September 15 - 21

Artist's books can be described as a combination of drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage that use the form or function of a book as inspiration. The structure – how you design and assemble the pages – becomes an expression of your ideas. Make non-adhesive book structures as prototypes, then develop a book to house your vision. In this conceptual class, specific skills can be acquired as needed, though some book making experience is helpful.

pre-registration is required 

John C. Campbell Folk School

Brasstown, North Carolina

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Past Offerings

Let's Work Together

Contact Lauren about facilitating a class or

workshop at your location...

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