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Upcoming Workshops

Lauren is thrilled to offer a range of upcoming workshops designed to explore creativity and integrative wellness. These events will include art techniques, creative mindfulness practices, wellness sessions and eco-spiritual deep dives to rewild your life.

Lauren's workshops are designed to inspire, uplift, and help you access your inner creativity and wisdom.

FULL - Ceramic Finger Labyrinth Workshop

2 Session Workshop - 1.5 hrs each



Join Lauren for an enriching experience where you'll craft your very own ceramic finger labyrinth, a tactile tool for meditation and self-reflection. As you mold and shape clay into your labyrinth design, you'll not only engage your creativity but also tap into the ancient art of labyrinth walking—a practice known for fostering inner peace and clarity. You'll discover the soothing rhythm of this meditative art form and learn techniques to integrate labyrinth meditation into your daily life.


Whether you're a novice or seasoned meditator, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to create, meditate, and find your center in the company of like-minded souls.

Session 1 - October 26

- Setting Intentions

- History of Labyrinth Walking

- Creation of your meditation aid

- Choose your glaze color


Session 2 - November 9

- Finger Labyrinth Blessing Ceremony - Guided Meditation using Finger Labyrinth

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Festive Jar Candle Making Workshop

Saturday | November 25 th

3:30 - 5:30 pm | $85 


Immerse yourself in the joy of the holiday season as you craft beautiful candles to illuminate your home. Craft 6 - 8 oz with 100% natural soy wax and essential oils, not only brighten your space but also make wonderful, heartfelt gifts for loved ones.


Afterward, enjoy the lighting of the Christmas Tree and return to warm drinks and extended shopping hours at the Mountain Apothecary, open until 9 pm.

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Puzzle Printmaking

John C. Campbell Folk School

December 3 - 9

Learn basic relief printmaking techniques while carving interlocking or repositionable blocks. Interlocking blocks fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and are an easy, stress-free way to ink using multiple colors. Ink the blocks separately, drop them in place together, and print without the colors blending. Repositionable blocks can be used together or separately for maximum printmaking fun! All levels welcome.

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Artist Pages from Old Books

John C. Campbell Folk School

January 26 - 28, 2024

What do you do with old books? Turn them into art, of course! Recycle old books and their pages and use them as the substrate for creativity. Explore how to transform them into unique, artistic compositions using collaging and monoprinting techniques. From highly layered abstractions to detailed collages, you’re sure to turn a page on your creative journey.

French Books

Artist's Books: Concept to Completion 

John C. Campbell Folk School

January 28 - February 3, 2024

Devote a week to exploring artist books, from concept to creation. Learn from start to finish how to design, select materials, and make a book inspired by your lived experience. Discover how bookmaking can complement other creative processes you may already have, such as textiles, painting, photography, print making, or sculpture—the possibilities are endless.

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