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Right where we should be...

It's hard not to have thoughts fueled by our inner critic this time of year... "ugh, where did the time go, I wish I had gotten more done. I feel like it has taken all year just to take one tiny step towards my goals."

We can easily get bogged down by this regardless of where we are on our journey - but it can be even tougher when you are first starting out. Whether you are healing, working on self-care & burnout recovery, building a new business, finishing a degree program... remember all journeys take time - you can't just skip to the good part. The truth is… we are right where we should be.

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It may seem like it is slow going but valuable lessons are learned during our detours. If the road was straight and smooth, we wouldn't learn how to deal with the ups and downs. They help build a strong foundation for us to pave the path to reach our goals. Progress is progress - celebrate that.

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Taking a moment to look back and audit your life is important at times when your inner critic is super active - journaling helps. Remember the Pyramids were not built in a day. They were built one block at a time - journaling creates a visible representation of your building blocks as you work towards your goals. When you look back, you can see the progress you have made but also witness how ambitious you were with a crazy long list of goals you set before yourself.

While it is helpful to have a realistic understanding about how long growth takes, it is still important to allow yourself to see the “big picture”. This way you have an overview of what you want to achieve and a plan of action to get there. This creates a strong foundation that will allow you stability to build step upon step. This is done through taking illuminated action.

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Before you commit to anything, always ask yourself…

I am making this decision from a space of illuminated action

Is it purpose driven, focused, head & heart aligned, assertive & respectful, from a place of abundance?

If not… you may be from a space of lack mentality. Making decisions from this space may not be fully in alignment for your best interest and that of the collective good.

Allow yourself to dream and enjoy the journey. Living mindfully and learning to appreciate the experience over the outcome will enrich every step you take in a meaningful way. All of this combined will allow you to manifest an amazing life beyond what you could even imagine.

So anytime you start beating yourself up for not being further along - just go remind yourself of all the progress you've made, celebrate, and practice gratitude at how much closer you are to your dreams. Then keep going!

If you struggle with combating the inner critic or taking illuminated action consider booking a discovery call with me to see if working 1-on-1 is the right fit for you to break out your cycle of self-doubt and not living in alignment.

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