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Amanda Lucia Photography

Trusting yourself and surrendering to the path can be difficult, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. When we learn to trust the inner knowing and surrender to follow the illuminated path, we allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition and inner wisdom, which can lead us to new opportunities and experiences.

The past few years, I’ve slowly been learning how to trust and gingerly releasing control from my tightly clenched fingers. Last Autumn, I had the sense that if I did not fully surrender and start putting all of my energy into my dreams and well-being, something truly bad was going to happen. What was once aligned before was no longer and I started pivoting in my career life, yet again. But this time fully believing in myself and knowing that this time I had to go all in.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path but I have found that it is the only way I’ll truly be happy and be able to continue sharing my mission of deepening your connection to creativity and well-being. In turn, by learning to trust and surrender - I have opened myself up to so much abundance. An ever growing community of like minded people I love connecting with. More confidence and joy in myself and work. Plus, I have more time to tap into my creative side, which is a vital part of my well-being.

Heron Spirit - in progress - lgkArt2023
Heron Spirit - in progress - lgkART2023

One of the most recent projects I've been working on, was a collaboration between myself and a creative writer. My collaborator is normally a painter and decided to step out of their comfort zone to try a new way of expressing themselves. I also challenged myself to push myself away from the watercolors and inks that I'm so comfortable with and try out some acrylic techniques I've been wanting to test out. The result was a beautiful experience, a painting I am extremely happy with, and reassurance that I’m moving in the right direction down the illuminated path. Continue reading and you’ll find the completed painting & poem below.

The words that inspired the Heron Spirit painting spoke of loss, pain, surrender, transformation, and the majesty of nature. The Great Blue Heron can be seen surrendering to death and then rising again in all of its magnificent glory and beauty, highlighted by sacred geometry symbolizing soul and spirit. I believe subconsciously the symbolism of Tarot influenced me during its painting. As I continue to live with this painting in my space, I find it truly fitting that it was created during this chapter of my life. It powerfully connects to the energies and symbolism associated with the Death and Wheel of Fortune cards.

Smith-Waite Tarot Cards: Death & Wheel of Fortune  with tea cup

The Death card symbolizes the end of a major phase or aspect of life, and the beginning of a new one. It can also represent transformation, change, and renewal.

On the other hand, the Wheel of Fortune card represents cycles, destiny, and a transition with a touch of good fortune, karma, and the unexpected.

When paired together these two cards signify a major change or transformation in one's life. This change could come suddenly, such as through a new job or a new relationship, or it could be the result of a longer period of reflection and growth.

The symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune suggests that this change is part of a larger cycle or destiny, while the Death card suggests that this change will be significant and transformative. Overall, the symbolism of the Death card and the Wheel of Fortune card together suggests that change is coming, and that it will be transformative and significant. It also suggests that this change is part of a larger cycle or destiny, and that it will ultimately lead to growth and renewal. These two cards become welcomed signs for you if you choose to embrace them as part of your healing journey.

When you step onto your healing path, it’s not always easy. There are many challenges and you’ll feel like you are throwing darts at a dart board, hoping one will stick. Each level of healing seems like you are pulling back a new layer of an endless onion. You will be scared, but when you are in alignment there is no need to fear, only trust and spread loving kindness. All of this is part of the experience.

The important thing to remember is by trusting your intuition and surrendering to the illuminated path, you will become better equipped to navigate these challenges and learn from them. Turn to the divine and your spirit guides for comfort and assistance. Be kind and patient with yourself. Transformation and growth take time, and it's important to honor your own journey and process. If you continue to live in alignment, trust, and have compassion, you will continue to grow and evolve in beautiful ways.

Great Blue Heron taking flight in spirit above it's dead body - highlighted with Sacred Geometry
Heron Spirit - lgkART2023

Great Blue Heron,

How Did You Die?

By Cynthia Jennings Field

Heron Spirit

Lauren G. Koch

Acrylic on Canvas


In the crisp, sharp air just before sunset I first saw you

Alone, gangly, stoic and stick-straight.

You stealthy hunter gazing ahead

resolute on fulfilling your need,

stretching your long neck out to stalk your prey.

I’d arrived with my husband at our friend’s sacred place, his pond on his farm when he was alive.

Our chatter and lab bounding joyously to the water frightened you.

“Awwwwk!” you screamed, and like an elegant pterodactyl you rose up from the water

enormous gray/blue/black wings powerfully flapping in a feathered fury.

Soaring high, you circled the farmland and disappeared into the poplar forest.

Sorry we frightened you.

Relieved to see you- elegant and steadfast, returned to your sacred spot.

We grew accustomed to this dance with you on our walks.

Dead leaves crackle in the cold air, gray blankets float in the sky.

We sit high above the sacred spot in the distance.

Suddenly I notice you-

alone, tragic, standing on one leg

and still, so very still.

Your graceful neck slackened, your white/black head and orange bill

just touching your soft spongey breast.

For weeks, your sad elegant body stands motionless in the silky water.

With the first frost, you finally collapse into your grave.

What happened, dear blue heron?

Had I known your struggle, I would have helped you.

Tell me, how did you die?

“It blew in from the roadside.

Glimmering and sinking below the surface.

I plunged to stab plastic.

My bill, my tongue became ensnared.

Confused and frightened, I screamed

“Awk! Awwwwk!Awwk!AwwkAwwwkkkk!!!”

Flapping my strong wings repeatedly

like a broken windmill.

Eventually I felt hungrier and weaker than ever before.

My breast felt punctured, as though by a thousand arrows.

My neck relaxed, my beak touched my heart.

My last breath was released.

Your friend and I are together now in our sacred place.

He witnessed my struggle.

He lifted me up and taught me

how to rise with him, to circle over farmland,

to rest in the poplar woods among the Orioles,

before flying back like

sylphs in the air

over the silky water of our sacred place.”

Image Credits

Amanda Lucia Photography



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